Welcome to Face by Sonal

At Face by Sonal, we know just how important your appearance is to your personal well-being. Created by Aesthetic Practitioner Dr Sonal Patel, Sonal has personal experience of imperfections within the skin, sparking her interest and developing her career. Offering a full range of non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and medical skin peels.

Meet Sonal & Neeta

All treatments are administered by Sonal. She takes her time with each and every patient, tailoring her services to meet their individual needs. As a dental surgeon she has vast experience in carrying out intricate procedures and administering injections. Patients favour her gentle technique and personable approach, leaving them able to relax and look forward to the results of their treatment.

Alongside Sonal, Neeta Pandya is the Face by Sonal treatment co-ordinator. Neeta is knowledgeable in the treatments provided, having attended many specialised courses with Sonal. Neeta helps with patient care, discussing treatments and working with Sonal to provide great after care. She has been a valued member of the practice since it first opened its doors in 2000 and continues to assist with providing great client care.


Complimentary Consultation

At Face by Sonal we know you might not be sure of exactly what you want, and that speaking to a professional to find out more and understand which treatments will work for you is important. This is why we offer a complimentary consultation to anyone considering treatment.

Through consultation, Sonal takes the time to understand your skin as an individual and what it really needs to achieve the results you're looking for. With meticulous attention to detail and experience we can recommend the best option for your desired results. We understand that every person is unique and different and we have the expertise to prescribe the ideal solution.

Why not come in for a free consultation to discover what we can do for you? Get in touch today and take the first steps towards discovering the changes you could make.